ASICS shoes: how runners can enhance performance with technology

ASICS is the producer of some of the bestselling running shoes worldwide. Tracing its roots to Japan, the brand is short for a famous Latin adage that roughly translates into healthy soul and body. It is in this phrase that ASICS built a technique of fabricating shoes to help runners with comfortable locomotion through a revolutionary technology and thereby, greatly enhance performance.
ASICS also puts emphasis on the science that every running shoe fabricator should be founded on a basic fact – the pronation movement of the feet. Pronation has the ability to absorb shock as the foot lands on the ground thereby limiting stress and avoiding injuries. ASICS recognizes that runners have different pronation types and thus have different needs. The brand provides comfort in every shoe with that soft feel, but they are also willing to provide stability and motion control whenever a runner needs it. ASICS running shoes are specifically categorised to cater to all the three types of pronators: over, neutral and under.
Overpronated runners who tend to have excessive foot movement needs stability or motion control more than the comfort factor. Models like the ASICS Gel Foundation and ASICS Gel Evolution are specifically made for overpronators to provide a balance between stability and flexibility. Added support is given on the midsoles that can provide even a flatfooted runner with the needed comfort while reducing pronation. Belonging to the Gel technology line, these two models are equipped with gel packets to provide comfort around pressure points.
Neutral or normal pronators may have no specific needs; but for these runners, the ASICS recognises their need for stability in a running shoe to perform well on the track. The award-winning ASICS Kayano model, which is now on its 18th series, offers apt solution to this need through one of the most lightweight shoes available in the market. The DUOMAX technology incorporated in this shoe provides stability while several layers of cushions help keep the pressure off the knee by supporting the heels and forefoot. The same DUOMAX technology can be found in the most recognised shoe of the brand, the ASICS GT series.
Underpronators will find their needs met by models like ASICS GEL Cumulus, Nimbus. These models are equipped with a technology that can act as a shock absorber, something that is vital for underpronators. The Impact Guiding System found on the outsole of these models helps switch the impact from the heel to the toe of the runner while managing the shock brought by the ground impact. The science behind this technology is also found in the ASICS Gel Contend’s Rearfoot Gel Cushioning System. Working on the rear, it attenuates the ground impact to a level mostly needed by new runners.
The frontal section of most of the ASICS sports shoes is made of breathable material that has the ability to withstand rugged terrains without hampering air-circulation. As far as front support is concerned, an asymmetric lacing system that manages the pressure points on top of the foot is used in several models. This technology has the ability to remove stress created from contact with the shoe.


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