Who Needs Executive Protection and Why?

Although gaining great wealth is a good thing, it does come with some important concerns. Mainly, the more someone has the more they have to lose. This is where executive protection is valuable. Most high net worth individuals already take steps to protect their wealth in the way of installation of security systems, but Executive Protection companies can provide a priceless next step to minimize risk of loss or personal injury.

Sometimes high profile people create enemies on their way to the top, or their risk of harm increases simply because others want what they have. Living a high profile life or being in a position of power can increase conflict with many people or individuals that do not agree with their politics, business decisions or stance on controversial issues.

Famous people are often the subject of stalkers who mean them harm simply because of a character they played in a movie. Those with great wealth and fame are very visible and have to be aware of their vulnerability. These are the most common clients of executive security. Unfortunately it is often not until they have received credible death threats that they understand how important added security can be.

Most of these people are not worried about being a victim of petty crimes because they have already taken measures to protect themselves by living in secured neighborhoods and offices, but they remain vulnerable to greater threats that normal people do not have to worry about.

Many of the best Executive Protection agents come from military, and law enforcement backgrounds and are able to offer many mental and physical skills to protect their clients that they have developed through training and experience. With an emphasis on preparation, Executive Protection can work to identify threats before incidents occur, decreasing risk to the client.

Executive protection Mexico can help minimize risk by visiting all points of a client’s itinerary before they arrive. By doing this they can identify threats, gather information, and create a security plan that includes alternate routes, hospitals, safe rooms, and additional entrances. Agents can also be in contact with key personnel at each location in advance and have back-up plans ready. An Executive Protection agent can keep a database of constantly updated information for anywhere their clients need to go. The goal of Executive Protection is to show clients where they are vulnerable, and how they can be made more secure.