Benefits and Solutions of Joomla Development

Joomla is the most widely used Open Source web application framework based on PHP programming language. First launched in mid 2005, it delivers excellent content management system, allowing even the non-technical person to publish or manage contents on the website.

One of the most notable aspects surrounding Joomla development is its MVC (model view controller) user interface that act as a web application framework, allowing Joomla developers to use it independently. In addition to this, the development process is carried out using software design patterns and object oriented programing techniques. Furthermore, it stores all its data in an open source MySQL database through which it can integrate various features in the website such as news flashes, RSS feeds, page caching, i18n (internationalization and localization), polls, search, blogs, printable version of pages and much more.


Joomla development is mainly used to create custom content management system through which the site admin can update, modify, edit, delete, and manage every contents and details of their website. Despite having several content management system available in the market today such as WordPress, Drupal, Microsoft Umbraco, TYPO3, etc., Joomla has been rated number 1 and considered as most preferred CMS by various industry experts, SME's and IT professional around the world.

Joomla is being used in more than 30 millions websites today, and not only because of its popularity. There are several benefits of using Joomla technology for content management system. Some of those are as follows:

1.Open Source with GNU General Public License, which means it is freely available to download and use.

2.There are more than 10,000 templates, plug-ins, extensions, and add-ons that can be used to customize the CMS.

3.Quick and easy to deploy and use.

4.Supports most secure and reliable MySQL and MS-SQL database.

5.Cross-platform compatibility.

6.Frequent updates for latest in technology.

7.Delivers quick results.

8.Can flawlessly integrate various social networking platforms.

9.Large user communities for free support.

10.Cost effective CMS solutions.

11.And much more...

12.Joomla development can act as an excellent tool and can power various solutions in:

13.Web applications

14.E-commerce websites

15.Corporate intranet and extranet.

16.Online catalogs

17.Dynamic websites.

18.Social networking sites.

19.Blog sites

20.and much more...
Finally, the most important benefit of solution developed via Joomla is that it is search engine friendly. For any website, SEO friendliness is the key factor through which it gets better chance to get found by a possible prospect. Joomla facilitates various SEO attributes such as title management, alt-text, landing page management, generator tag, site verification, metadata, url canonicalization, back links, and more.

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