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Data center relocations are enormously complicated tasks, and fraught with potential pitfalls that could end up making a move to a better, more efficient server center a ruinous knowledge for your company. Knowing what could go wrong is half the battle to preventing pitfalls from either happening or becoming unmanageable. So here i will discuss just a several common areas where a data center relocation can go wrong: know much more about data center inventory

While in the end, your plans and procedures are only as good as being the persons you have following them. So it's not a good idea to hire any old moving company to move thousands and thousands of dollars worth of really delicate, mission-critical equipment. Relocation firms who specialize in data center moves might cost a little bit more, but you'll more than make up the savings when your move is efficient, secure, downtime-minimizing, and free from equipment ruin and loss (with the added bonus of the peace of mind that comes with trusting professionals thrown in for free).

It might seem obvious, but careful, thorough planning is key. Plan a move as you would the day-to-day operations themselves, but with a thick layer of risk on top. This includes diligent steps like: Developing detailed design plans and layout - before the truck arrives. Performing a thorough, detailed inventory of all equipment (not just that which is expected to be moved), and performing categorical sub-inventories and analysis of the most critical equipment, and still another from the relationships between each of the equipment.

Acquiring a site-specific device kit is critical. This can help you in dealing with problem with ease and less time. Your resource kit ought to have screwdrivers, fans and door wedges, cabling connectors, labeling software, blowtorch, duct tapes, flash mild, spare set of batteries, entrance and exit door keys, extension electrical power chords, mobile phone e-book diary when using the telephone quantities of Electrician, Gas Distributor, HVAC tech, Diesel tech, and others . (This is simply not an exhaustive list but a, suggestive just one only. You may always add a little something appropriate for the checklist).

The stakes for a data center relocation are simply much, much higher than a normal equipment move. Server room equipment is fragile and sensitive, and the methods are complicated and prone to disruption. For example, miscalculations in locations, equipment densities, electricity and heating and HVAC capacities can severely hurt IT operations and service availability. And if anything goes wrong, the disruptions to your normal, mission-critical business activities can be utterly devastating. click here much more about data center inventory