Practical Features of SharePoint Development

Microsoft's SharePoint is a web platform that is used to manage contents and documents on the internet. Since its first launch in 2001, it has come a long way and now serves as a multi-purpose set of web tools that can be used by many enterprises and organizations to manage their daily business routine.

Sharepoint development can facilities enterprises with certain tools and solutions such as internet portals, extranet, business intelligence tool, corporate websites, document and file management system, corporate search, and social networks. In addition to this, SharePoint development can also facilitates enterprise or organization with process integration, system integration and work-flow automation.

SharePoint has the capability to integrate itself with certain enterprise class applications such as ERP (enterprise resource planning) or CRM (customer relationship management) applications. Being a web based model, SharePoint developed applications provides central governance, security and management controls to the administrator. Let us look as some practical features that SharePoint development has to offer to enterprises and organizations.

Documents Sharing

Files and documents serves as a vital component of any enterprise or organization. With Microsoft's SharePoint, it enables the employees of the organization to easily share the documents and files with one another. Even if the business is located across the physical boundaries, with SharePoint, important or confidential documents and files can be shared easily and securely among employees of the organization. Documents can be downloaded or stored and even modified and uploaded by the employee using SharePoint application. This enables smooth flow and access of the information to the employees working on the same project.

Integration with Microsoft Products

One of the most notable features of Microsoft's SharePoint is that it can integrate with several other Microsoft products. This can create uniformity of editing, reviewing or modifying the documents and files shared by the employees. For example, an employee working on a Microsoft's Excel document needs to get it reviewed, he/she can simply upload it on the SharePoint server and since Microsoft Office is the widely used software, the reviewer can go through it without any trouble. The same thing can work with Powerpoint, Word, One note, Access, and other documents created using Microsoft's products.

Corporate Search

Usually corporates or organizations have 100's and 1000's of employees working on numerous files and documents. Searching for particular employee and their work can be tedious and time consuming. However, the search feature of Microsoft SharePoint will enable all the employees to look for relevant documents, files, employee, group of employees, and much more in a more refined and systematic manner.

Sites Management

Enterprises and organizations dealing with several projects usually needs to create separate sites for each of their project. When using Microsoft's SharePoint application, the site creation task becomes much easier. Even an employee having no specialized knowledge is able to create a dedicate site for his/her own project.

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