Expose your Music to your real fans by Online Marketing

Maybe I can help in this case. I think that it might be important for people to realize how important Facebook really is. People might not download music on Facebook, but they do listen to music, and might use their own websites for music distribution. Music distribution on your own website is really easy to do, but it might be easier to find another music website at some point to use their music distribution specialty. Social media is hard to deal with these days but you kind of have to be shameless about it. That's the undeniable thing I guess, it is hard to assume that musicians and people in the music industry know how to network.


To download music and to listen to music on music distribution site is hard in itself for some people in the industry, and for those who support the industry: the fans.


"Music is something that always lifts my spirits and makes me happy, and when I make music I always hope it will have the same effect on whoever listens to it." - Aaron Carter


I think that if more people heard more international music then we would be grateful when we see the results. The more that art is shared, the better it is.

There are so many people that talk about how networking has kept them from achieving the results that they want from social media as a band or as a musician, or as a person that considers himself or herself an instrumentalist. There is a lot of pressure to be a brand these days, and to be honest; the real people in music worry about branding second and being a proper musician first. There are a few how to's that might be interesting to read, to quote from Wired.co.uk online magazine:

"Wired.co.uk/events has a constantly updating list to which anyone can contribute. Sites such as eventbrite.com and meetup.com are also useful for finding functions, many of which are free. Once there, abandon British reserve, advises Clegg: "It's OK to go up to somebody and say, 'Hi, I've come here to meet new people, my business is blah blah.'" Lost for words? Ask questions: entrepreneurs like talking about themselves.

Have a clear idea of who it is that you want to meet, whether it's investors, press or entrepreneurs. Do your research, so that you can spot people and have something to talk about ("I loved your guest post on wired.co.uk"). And be specific about yourself. "Be clear about your message," says Clegg, "so they remember the important thing about you." "

As much as this is helpful, it probably would make any musician that is bad at networking feel a bit sick. Well good luck to all of you!