Billboards And The Power Of Outdoor Public Advertising Today

Outdoor Billboard Advertising works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. It is a vital link in today's information and media highway, reaching out to millions of motorist and pedestrians around the world every hour of the day. Billboards give us information on everything from what lies ahead beyond that next turn in the road to what automobile we should be driving, what food we should eating, missing children and America's most wanted, the list goes on. Many of us rely on outdoor advertising in our daily lives realizing its true value.

The outdoor adverting business in America is over 100 years old and ever since it's early beginning it has increased in supply and demand as advertisers realized it true value. It has been the center of focus by marketers ever since they discovered its effectiveness and was one of the least expensive ways to target and reach out to the travelling public.

I searched for billboard properties to lease and develop across America from the early 60's until now 2012. I got to see firsthand how effective outdoor advertising is. One of the many companies I work for became a national roadside side restaurant chain. I have seen on many different occasions when one of their exit billboards or a primary billboard go down from a wind storm, the store's sales would drop several hundred dollars even thousands of dollars a day. It was like cutting off a water faucet. Have no doubt outdoor advertising works for both the advertiser and the consumer.

Can you imagine if painted Billboards For Sale would increase sales that much how much a bright digital billboard would do both then and now? It works… It works even better than the paint job did.

Have no doubt billboards are a very powerful media. The Digital billboards of today are the answer to advertisers everywhere. One digital can replace 6 to 8 conventional billboards on one location. An advertiser no longer has to settle for one static ad he can have many different ads all in the same day. McDonald's can now advertise every product on the menu if they wish all in the same day. Ford can sell every model of car or truck on the lot, all in the same day. Digital billboards are not just for large companies they allow small businesses to advertise as well. Mom and Dad's restaurant down the road can now afford outdoor advertising.

I once told a digital billboard buyer I wanted to be able to sell advertising to everyone in the neighborhood including the guy under the bridge. I pointed to a little guy holding a "Will Work for Food" cardboard sign. Well I didn't sell the guy under the bridge he said he was doing well with cardboard sign and was not supposed to be there anyway. I did sell the digital billboard to the guy I was talking to, he got the point.

The point is Billboard Property Leasing advertising works for both advertiser and consumer including the little man under the bridge with his "Will Work for Food" cardboard sign.

Today 49 plus years after it all started for me, I still own a company that consults, builds, sells and buys billboards across America. I are still searching for the next billboard location somewhere up ahead around the next curve or stop in the road somewhere across America between the bright lights of Times Square and the city lights of LA.

Thomas "TOM" Gunter better known to the International business community as the founder of several successful businesses and mentor too many more. Billboards For Sale

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