How To Clean The Family Home – Fast!

Unexpected house guests coming over with very little notice? Before you reach for the phone to call professional house cleaners, have a look at these quick and easy ways you can clean your home, courtesy of Sydney’s Complete Relocation Services.

• First Impressions
Let’s start with first impressions and work our way back into the house. A tidy house begins at the front door – make sure that any shoes, sporting gear or general ‘front door stuff’ is cleaned up and put away. Cleaning the immediate front door area, both inside and out, as well as the hallway, will go a long way to promoting the perception of a clean house. If it is night time, make sure you leave the front light on.

• Air Out Your Home
If you have enough time and the weather permits, completely air out your home by opening all the windows and glass doors while you clean. Smelly, stagnant air will quickly make your house seem like it is messy. If this isn’t an option, perhaps purchase air fresheners or a purifier.

• Bathroom Vanities and Mirrors
You don’t have to completely clean your bathrooms, but cleaning the vanities and mirrors certainly gives off a much more cleaner perception.

• Glass
Cleaning the windows in the most public areas of your home is a great way to make your house seem cleaner than it actually is. The best way to clean glass is undeniably Windex with newspapers for a streak-free shine.

• Take Out The Trash
Empty all the rubbish out of your home. You don’t want nosey guests to spot something they shouldn’t in the trash – and believe us, it happens!

• Floor Junk
This is especially important if you have a large family or small children. Getting toys, dirty clothes, boxes full of stuff, etc, and storing them in a cupboard while your guests are there will help make your home look far less cluttered.

• If You Have Time
We understand that cleaning the entire house takes time - that is why we provided you with the above ‘cheat sheet’ for a seemingly clean home. But if you do have the time, we strongly recommend vacuuming and mopping the floors, doing the dirty dishes, and making beds. These are extra steps to ensure your home doesn’t leave guests bolting for the door!

We hope this article has helped to get you out of a tight situation with those unexpected guests! If you do need professional house cleaning services, have a look at the friendly team at Complete Relocation Services. Their cleaning teams have helped thousands of happy homeowners make the most of those unexpected arrivals.
Happy Cleaning Everyone!

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