3 Skin Care Misconceptions Every Girl Should Know About

A guide from the friendly beauty team at Glamour Beauté Lounge.
There are a number of skincare misconceptions floating around - some are new and some have been plaguing women for decades. And with all the myths making the rounds, it is no wonder people get confused and apply the wrong skin treatments. To ensure you aren’t fooled into mistreating your skin, we have put together a list of the most common skin care myths you should be aware of:

1. Soap is the best face cleanser
Some people believe that soap is a good skin cleanser for the face, however, this is simply not true. Our skin has a normal balanced pH level of 5.0 - 5.6, while a soap’s pH level is approximately 8 - 10. This means that when you wash your face with soap, it can scrub away the essential oils and moisture, leaving it dry and sometimes with a rash. So while soap may make you feel clean, it’s really not anywhere near as effective as a regular, specially formulated skin cleanser.

2. What I eat doesn’t affect my skin
While some people would like to think they can eat and drink whatever they want without it impacting their skin, this is just another skin care myth. The types of food and drink you consume do directly affect your skin condition. For example, it has been proven that a poor diet will have a negative impact on your skin. Ideally, you should be drinking lots of water and ensuring you get all the right amounts of necessary vitamins.

3. Large pores can shrink
It’s just a painful fact of life - pores never shrink. Many people spend their money and time trying to find products that will shrink their pores, however this is simply impossible. Genetics and the passing of time decide the size of your pores, and although you can use certain products to tighten them, they will never actually get smaller. The best thing you can do is cleanse regularly and use appropriate moisturisers to keep your pores clear and looking their best.

To find out about any other skin care myths, feel free to call the team at Glamour Beauté Lounge on (07) 3871 1127. Alternatively, if you’d like to reverse the damage caused by incorrect skin treatments encouraged by skin care misconceptions, consider making an appointment. The team of professionals here at Glamour Beauté Lounge can make your skin look healthier than ever!

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