DIY Tanning Versus Professional Tanning

With science showing just how much damage lying in the sun can cause, artificial tanning has become all the craze in Australia. Say goodbye to sunburn and hello to beautiful, sun-kissed skin! But with all the artificial tanning options available, it can be hard knowing which method is right for you. To help you make a more informed decision, check out the pros and cons of the following tanning techniques:

DIY Tanning Products
If you go to the supermarket or your local chemist, you will find a range of DIY tanning products on offer. Usually they come in the forms of sprays, liquids or creams, which you then simply apply yourself at home. While this method of tanning is probably the cheapest, it also has a reputation for offering the lowest-quality and least natural bronzing results. By simply misapplying the product or misunderstanding directions, you can easily end up looking orange, streaky or a shade far darker or lighter than you intended. If you’re going to use this method, it is highly recommended that you practice applying the tan and controlling your shade a few times, before wearing it to a big event.

Professional Airbrush spray Tanning
This is an advanced form of tanning that is offered by professional salons and is preferred by people bronzing up for that special occasion or event. It involves using a spray gun to carefully apply a tanning mixture to your body and face. The biggest advantage of this method is its consistent tone and incredibly natural look. While it is obviously more expensive than using DIY products at home, airbrush tanning is renowned for providing a higher-quality and less streaky finish. Additionally, using the help of the professionals and advanced tanning technology, you can more easily control the shade of brown your tan results in.

As you can see, there are multiple methods you can try out to get that beautiful, bronzed look without risking the health of your skin. While DIY is cheaper, going the professional spray tan is usually considered the better option if you want to achieve a natural, more controlled look. If you’re in the Brisbane area and need a tan ASAP, check out Glamour Beauté Lounge. They’re very popular and offer 20% student discounted services on Tuesdays and Wednesdays!

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