Down the Hatch – Melbourne Cocktail Bars

Visiting a cocktail bar in Melbourne can be an immensely enjoyable experience. Their appeal, however, not so much lies in the selection of drinks, but the atmosphere and sophistication that the idea fosters. A warm, inviting place where one can participate in casual drinking of the most refined and deliberate quality. But how did cocktail bars become so popular? Surely they’ve been around for decades, but their growth in numbers throughout Melbourne city requires a greater focus on what their appeal is.
Today, Melbourne plays host to a number of cocktail bars, mixing stylistic flair with lip-smacking flavours. As cultured as Melbourne is, along with the advent of a Sex and the City obsession, it’s no wonder these bars are propping up all over the place. From the cool and casual to the elegant and chic, women, in particular, are flocking to cocktail bars believing they’re “the next big thing”. But what makes the bar? Is it the lighting, the drink selection, or its ties to fashion? Regardless of the reason, their popularity in Melbourne is clear. With intense popularity, though, comes an intense stream of business owners battling over a piece of the action.

Cocktail bars were appealing due to their exclusivity. As the drinks on offer are typically big-ticket items, only true cocktail enthusiasts would frequent. This huge surge, though, has seen this exclusivity diminished somewhat. With cocktails being served almost everywhere, it’s difficult to find something for the more passionate and adventurous. As a result, cocktail drinkers are now looking for something a little out of the ordinary, mixing culture into their decision.

Drinks from eastern countries, for example, are drawing customers in. After all, cocktails are not an exclusively western trend. On the contrary, a number of the most exotic cocktails are found in the least likely of places. In Melbourne, there’s a small Middle-Eastern restaurant called Arabesque which is fast becoming known as a great place to take friends and sample the most delicious of beverages. Establishments such as this are proof that it’s not all about Martinis and Rob Roys. Rather, patrons like to sample foreign and unusual beverages. Beirut is well-known for its cocktail culture, so it’s only natural that Middle-Eastern bars are appealing.

It seems that the cocktail culture in Melbourne has evolved. Of course, quality of drinks is a must, but drinkers are now looking for a fusion of taste, fashion, authenticity and ambience. It’s forward thinkers that are standing out in such a congested market, incorporating foreign influences into their selection. Today, patrons will only be impressed if they’re offered something out of the ordinary. Put simply, they want the drinks menu shaken, not stirred.

Author Bio:
He has worked as a chef in traditional Middle Eastern food before taking over as owner and manager of arabesque. His restaurant serves the best Middle Eastern Cuisine. Experience here Fine Dining in Melbourne City Restaurants.