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New Security Enhancements in Android 4.2

Android 4.2, Jelly Bean has introduced numerous new features, and security enhancements to facilitate the developers to work in a secure environment, and to make app development faster and easier. It has revitalized the camera app, typing gestures, messaging, texting

Why India Has Emerged as a Hub for Offshore Data Entry Services

India has been a hub for offshore data entry services and there is a reason behind this. It all started when the world was worried about the impending problem that the Y2K could pose. So businesses and other organizations that

Every Business Needs a Robustly Developed Asset Management Software!

Managing a business is definitely a herculean task! – Facing constant competition, looking after the human resources and their productivity levels, building a rapport with the clients – This list is just endless. And in this changing and volatile market

The Best of Windows Phone Apps and Their Features

It is time to assess the veracity of Windows phone app development as the flow of apps has increased tremendously for Microsoft-powered devices. Here is the comprehensive list of some of the best Windows phone apps that do not include

Digital Signage Review and Outlook 2013

Digital signage is an industry dependent on evolving communication technologies. The really cool part is that every one of us has a hand in this by the way we are using digital devices in our day-to-day lives. 2012 has been

Software Development Services for Companies Looking to Boost their Efficiency

Given the fact that almost anything and everything goes on using computers these days, one would have to be surprised if something did not go on using the same. Computers have had a very interesting journey in the history of

Overview of iPhone Software Development Kit

The iPhone, a media Smartphone created & designed by Apple Company. The software and application development companies involved in the company with iPhone Application Development give nice service which absolutely helps you to boost the overall performance as well as

Watson Computer System Explored In Details

Nowadays Artificial Intelligence is one of the most developed branches of computer science. In past few decades, computer scientists made some huge leaps in this field and its applications. One prominent example of Artificial Intelligence applications is Watson computer system,

Orangesoftech provides excellent Web designing,Web development,Seo Services

Orangesoftech is one of the leading web development company kolkata India.It provides web development,Website Designing,software development,search engine optimization. We believe in our people and their strength. They have positively made themselves accountable for their expertise.Orangesoftech is a leading software development

Android App Development for Business

Android is an open source Linux based operating system containing Java library fully aimed for evolving the use of mobile devices. The revolutionary system is fast growing operating system highly adapted due its immense features, trimmed costs of ownership and

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